About Me

I specialize in vetting the right employees.

I'm passionate about helping residential contractors find the best reliable, long-term employees to grow their business and in effect, grow a strong local economy.

I'm Renee Sullivan, the owner of ALA Services.

I consult with residential contractors to find and vet the professionals they need to fill in the gaps of their business.

After working for a small insulation company as an administrative assistant, I realized there was a need for someone to help business owners grow by hiring the right people.

I've since worked with companies in HVAC, electrical, general contracting, plumbing, insulation, painting, and welding. Every one of them had the same hiring challenges, challenges that thanks to my background I know exactly how to overcome.

I'm committed to creating happy clients by facilitating their hiring process so they can grow their business and get their time back.

I'm building a world where more small business owners succeed by giving people choices to work for themselves or others like them in a small business.


How am I kept informed of the process?

I either use shared Google documents or send videos with descriptions of each piece of the package such as time spent creating job posting content, applicant filtering, screening calls, setting interview appointments, conducting interviews, and reference checks, etc. so that business owners see exactly where in the process we are.

When will I be invoiced?

All clients begin at the Hire Plan: once a client has chosen to work with me on the Hire Plan, they are sent to a page to pay the full amount and sign an agreement. I start working with the client once they pay. Once the Hire Plan process is complete, if a client decides to move forward with a Hire Path, then any money spent on the Hire Path will be used toward the cost of the package chosen for the Hire Path.

Clients who have chosen a Hire Path package are billed in 3 installments. I start working with the client once they pay the first installment. Ex: client chooses the $3000 Hire Path package: the first invoice is sent immediately for $500 (note that $500 was applied from completing the Hire Plan), 2nd invoice is for $1000, and 3rd invoice is for $1000. The 3rd invoice is sent once the recommendations of top candidates are submitted to the business owner and the top candidate is hired.

What if the person doesn't work out?

I do my best to find the right person to match the culture of your business. I base everything on the information gathered from our Hire Plan process. This is why all clients are required to go through the Hire Plan process before they choose a Hire Path package. However, we can't ever know until the employee actually steps into the job as to whether it will work out.

I recommend a probationary hiring period of anywhere from 30-60 days. If it does not work out in that time frame, I will help you find someone else at a negotiated rate on an individual, and case-to-case basis.

Will I get to meet with the candidates before I hire them?

As part of the Hire Path process, once the top candidates are submitted to you, I am available to sit in on a final interview you conduct with each top recommended candidate BEFORE they are even hired.

I consult with you once the final interviews are conducted and help to choose the candidate to hire based on interactions and feedback. It is ultimately your decision on who you feel is the best fit and the person you choose to hire.


I help residential contractors to strategize and outsource vetting tasks in order to find the ideal people needed to excel to your next level of success.


(508) 320-2566

Utica, NY

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